Version 3.3, Steam release 19 September, 2016

  • At first, I want say to thanks everyone who supports me with release on Steam. It is definitely a step forward for the program. Since this platform allows to realize a lot of opportunities, as the additional content (workshops that would share scripts or themes decorations), and himself mechanisms upgrades sale. All of this greatly simplifies the support and extends the possibilities of the program.
  • Just ask the indulgence, because this version of the transition, a very large volume of work has been done. Although external changes is small enough. All of these changes is primarily to adapt to Steam, that would be the program was the most autonomous, and new users had fewer worries.
  • The program is completely moved on Steam. Updates to the current version is stim in the near future is not planned! The same version is Steam, probation shall not be granted because the principle of the different versions can kordinalno!
  • Removed check for logins. Now you can connect to any channels. Be careful with the bot (most likely it will be removed by default).
  • Steam. Support for Achievements. Data Catalog (all collected chat and configuration data) synchronized with the Steam servers.
  • Chat abandoned Internet Explorer in favor of an autonomous Chromium.
  • At all forms, where there is a browser Chrome word appear buttons console for those who make their own themes.
  • Added billing aggregator SteamGun
  • Added support SteamCube site
  • VKontakte, added display of messages from the status bar. Added a label to display the status on the stream.
  • Remote control. Added counters (eg, number of deaths). Added appropriate tags. Added check existence of a script, if it is not it is not satisfied. Fixed search keywords is now a substring not processed. Fixed percentage of the trigger in the text, is now 100% is 100%.
  • Cybergame. Completely redesigned chat support
  • Youtube. Completely redesigned chat support. Now the service is connected through the API. To work is not required to specify a particular broadcast Id is taken automatically found the first broadcast (conditionally Youtube, broadcast sorts - first that should go right now, but as in the API mess, possible incidents, so watch any broadcast in the list above). Temporarily out of moderation because there is no per se in the API. Fixed output custom emoticons. Added check for recurring subscription.
  • Twitch. Fixed authorization requests are now followers and spectators counter are displayed correctly. Fixed output Emoji. Added check for recurring subscription.
  • VIDI. Added counter spectators on the player.
  • Fixed output icons in the skins sites, if your theme icons, no longer need to choose the exact same topic.
  • Alerts list. Fixed subscriber and re-subs.
  • Designer alerts. Fixed site settings, now it works correctly. Added parameter {site_img}, which contains a site icon.
  • Reworked saving window position that could cause program crash at startup, now these settings are saved where all settings.
  • Vote. Fixed timer.
  • Game Mode. Fixed output counters.
  • Ranks. Added a warning in the event of data cleaning.

Version 3.2 Hotfix * Still waiting Steam release 28 August, 2016

  • Youtube, fix embedded access

Version 3.1 Hotfix 22 June, 2016

  • Twitch, fix resubs, and added text to alerts and to log
  • Raffle, added new sites like and other

Version 3.0 10 June, 2016

  • Full balancing program. Improved performance and stability. Now program works in web server mode
  • Designer Alert list Example
  • Designer Goal Example
  • New Voting Example
  • Added site
  • Added site
  • Added site (temporarily closed access)
  • Added text formatting data to json
  • Fixed Streamtip
  • The redesigned site list is now everywhere present with field sites (in the fields of choice in these fields) is displayed in the same general format. It is also appropriate icons are displayed in the chat
  • Log alerts. Increased the size of the text. Added statistics online viewers on players (must be turn on statistic in settings). Correct sorting column sum
  • Hitbox. Fixed premium emoticons. Fixed html tags
  • In Test, now nickname shown correctly if field is empty
  • YouTube. Added moderation
  • Raffle. Added condition Rank Chatter
  • Ranks. Added notification to chat about getting a new promotion
  • Bot. Added field for set up custon bot nickname
  • Added Private Mode (menu - window - show only private messages), in this mode, the chat window will only be shown personal, private, converts it to you direct messages and notifications, all others are not shown in the remaining subjects captured intact
  • sc2tv. Fixed support curve animated emoticons
  • Fixed custom emotes
  • Fixed frequency reception followers with Twitch, they now receive instant (update rate of 10 seconds)
  • Removed from the ranks of the field site

Version 2.16 April 15, 2016

  • Added authorization OAuth for Twitter, Twitchalerts, Twitch. This allows to obtain correct information, without using the bots, which may in some cases cause problems with availability information Important! Check your settings for that sites
  • Added a new type of alert - Host
  • Twitchalert. Moved to the official API. Important now tests with notification page at not work because they do not exist in the database API. For testing, you can create donate, on the page of all revenues. After testing, remove it
  • Donationalerts. Transmission to unofficial API. Now DDoS site protection should not operate. Just do not have a permanent connection to the site. Therefore, the total increases stability
  • GoodGame. Alerts followers were moved to the new API, improved stability
  • Sc2tv. Fixed receiving donate. Announcer added to the blacklist
  • Twitter. Remade authorization and receipt of data is now the resource is not attached to the bot and use the user's personal account
  • Tags. Added the Calendar, which allows you to adjust how data will be collected on a calendar period or for the last n days. Added parameter IsEmpty - in case the current label has no data, output data from this parameter. Added to the current labels, the division on the 3 sites: twitch, goodgame, youtube
  • Remote control. Remove restrictions on the conditions and results are now possible in a single preset, specify multiple conditions and results at the same time. Conditions independent of each other, is an indication of more conditions simultaneously affect the call. For scripts added command line arguments, which can be transferred and the amount donatera. Added new options for the conditions - text, the chance to trigger conditions and the number of messages. A new type of notification Host (relevant only to twitch). It changed the mechanism of hot keys now when you press the hot key, if at this moment you hear the sound of it, it will be stopped
  • Log alerts. Current selection period, replaced by two fields, the beginning and end of the period. Fixed sorting by time
  • Designer alerts. Fixed removal of alerts and notifications in which the present Russian letters in the title.
  • Web server. Now you can use the alert with Russian letters and spaces. As it applies to audio files. Web Server now correctly sends the request address to such data. Added page 404, in the case of an incorrect address
  • Game Mode. Fixed a bug that resets the mode is not clickable
  • Youtube. Added support Russian notices of subscription
  • Added new theme nepu-v2-by-unit 34

Version 2.15 Night March 25, 2016

  • Updated all the libraries used by the program. As has been optimized, which fixes a number of minor bugs. Such as random crashes and incorrect display of the site and the nickname in messages
  • Fixed output format donate amounts. Now in chat, and in the labels amounts are displayed correctly. Note: For example, if the format is C (currency - the currency), the currency format will be everywhere at donate is 1 234,56 ₽ with another languages will be dollars and yuan
  • Added a new website Douyu for test (Chinese analogue Twitch,
  • For Azubu added 2 fields, username and password for the custom bot. The site blocks the connection to chat with the same logins, so you need to create a bot to read
  • Fixed minor bugs in Ranks (Chatter removal, changed the way images to a subfolder chat, etc.)
  • Removed icons from the ranks of system messages
  • Added autosave ranks every 2 minutes
  • Volume Limit to Remote control has been upgraded to 1000%

Version 2.14 March 14, 2016

  • Rank system. Now you can add the chatter icons for some achievements, such as the number of messages, the amount of donate or number resubscribe. Unfortunately, not all templates adapted for icons ranks, but those that support most, over 80%. I recommend adding small icons 16x16. (thanks i1ame, for closing milestone)
  • A new type of alert - custom. Custom alerts these are shown only as a result of the trigger from the Remote control
  • The notifications appear split on site source
  • Remote control, added a new condition - Hotkey and new results - Play a sound and display a custom alert(WELOVEGAMES, Igor GHK)
  • New test form with options
  • Support for the personal smiles BTTV per channel (Bic1334)
  • Fixed sorting Log alerts by date

Version 2.13 February 15, 2016

  • Added Web server mode. In this mode, you can open a chat at http://localhost:8383/ - it is a root directory of program. It is mean what you can open any theme via - http://localhost:8383/themes/default/template.html or alert http://localhost:8383/alerts/test/index.html. Chat can be open on any device, you need only write correct IP address and open port 8383 on PC.
  • IMPORTANT!!! All alerts have moved to a port 8383, you need re-saving your alerts for correct work.
  • Remaked bot, it now supports two sites Twitch and Goodgame, the commands at both sites are common, but you can adjust the visibility on sites. Just add alerts commands (that is, those who displayed the bot automatically after a same period of time). Fixed command !up for Twitch.
  • Added reading e-mail notifications about your subscription for Youtube, only supports English-language notice (wrteamchannel).
  • Added reading e-mail notifications from the Yandex.Money payment system (Russian, amount + comments), QIWI.Voucher (Russian, amount + comments), PayPal (English, nickname + price + comments), WebMoney (English only amount). In If you use this option, you receive a notification directly to the payment systems, bypassing the aggregators and do not pay commission and expenses aggregator IMPORTANT Some systems require the inclusion, including paid notifications (for example support )
  • Labels, fixed bug when Delimator was empty and did not allow to save the separator.
  • Fixed an empty comment to alerts
  • Fixed auto reconnect to Twitch
  • 2 new themes: xcom-2-blue-caption-fade-in and xcom-2-character-name-fade-in

Version 2.12 January 9, 2016

  • Remove message: Server is unavailable for GoodGame API
  • Now labels update at start program
  • New option Text deleted messages, you can set specify text in the chat after moderation (for example, for the stream of Fallout 4 you can put [Sarcasm])
  • New effect for Alerts
  • Added setting display statistics, and now you can move it from the header in the bottom, a separate panel
  • Support for emoticons Emoji to all sites
  • Replace the current YouTube emoticons to emoticons Emoji

Version 2.11 December 16, 2015

  • Fixed the output links that could crush program
  • Alerts: Fixed if the sound is shorter than the time display
  • Alerts: Removed outside effects
  • Added support for
  • Fixed looping followers (its when you dont receive new messages), unfortunately it does not return the broken data in labels and if you are better to just delete the file with the data data.json

Version 2.10 December 10, 2015

  • New engine for Funstreams.
  • Fixed support for Youtube
  • Some links in a message is now displayed correctly
  • More better highlight private messages, is no longer highlighted message, if the nickname is found in the word
  • Fixed a bug that could not show emoticons FFZ
  • Added amount of Donat format, details about the format can be found here
  • Changed the way to save the label, and now they are overwritten until overwritten, reduced timeout update labels and updating statistics Stream (which is updated less frequently)
  • Fixed a bug where he could not turn
  • Same new simple themes: ubiquitous2-fade-in, wii-u-2-fade-in, wii-u-bounce-in, ios-messenger-bounce-in

Version 2.9 November 22, 2015

  • Speech text alerts to Subscribers and Donate, supports Ivona and Yandex.Speech. IMPORTANT: Please do not abuse this function! For all users Ivona provide 50K messages per month. For 50 Yandex per key!
  • Two new modes for alerts: sound and speech text, and only speech text
  • Two new types of alerts: Subscriber (new) and Subscriber (resub). Only to Twitch
  • Utf-8 support for the setting. To support multiple languages ​​in the settings
  • Support of the planned broadcasts on YouTube, all the current id in the database have been translated into logins, which is now going on check the availability of translation. As before you specify the ID translation.
  • 6 new simple themes: Fallou 1, 2, 4, and default with black text.
  • Editor log alerts
  • The label Donate_All now works correct
  • New counter - number of spectators on the player Youtube. New tag number of viewers on Youtube
  • Fixed event subscription for the remote control

Version 2.8 Minor October 23, 2015

  • Fixed emoji FFZ Friday for Twitch
  • New themes: BTTV-fade-in-out (b1ozzz), skyrim-black-slide-in-out и skyrim-transparent-slide-in-out (kenny), nesmania-slide-up-noscrl, default-slide-up-noscrl
  • Chinese (Taiwan) localization by tim885885

Version 2.7 Minor October 14, 2015

  • New Goodgame API for alerts.

Version 2.7 October 14, 2015

  • Added Remote Control. Allows pushing keys or running scripts on events alerts or keyword from the chat. (IgorGHK)
  • Added limits for donate alerts, if the amount of donate enters the limit, an alert is displayed
  • New option for split alerts into one file, file is added to the total number of notifications, the file is in /alerts/all_alerts.html
  • Fixed a bug where some emoticons are not displayed with Twitch
  • Fixed output smiles from Youtube, now they displayed correctly (thanks nextg.loki)
  • Change the address for notifications GoodGame ...
  • Added notification window that displays common file alerts, alerts to capture through the window
  • Change the address reference of the settings in accordance with current address website
  • Added Button 2: Support and API. API gradually beganing to fill on the site
  • Changed the error messages from the payment aggregators Streamtips and TwitchAlerts

Version 2.5 October 5, 2015

  • In the log of alerts, if the message does not fit in a line, it is stretched in height
  • Fixed tag {text} for Alerts
  • Added 6 themes, 5 of which have been made previously to order, but are now in the public, can thank these people
  • Theme asian-style - archistrategmichael
  • Theme wither-slide - woitler
  • Theme diablo3-gold-slide-in-out - overdose_o_o
  • Theme deusex-zoom-in - Good_Evening
  • Theme diablo3-slide-in-out-left - AloneWave
  • Theme farcry-dlc

Version 2.4 Minor September 29, 2015

  • Update GoodGame notify server

Version 2.3 September 28, 2015

  • Added uniform scaling of images in alerts
  • Fixed connection alerts on Goodgame (thanks Zeruel)
  • Added new source donate - Streamtips
  • Fixed color nicks on Goodgame
  • Removed message about reconnect on Goodgame
  • Corrected nicknames on

Version 2.2 September 25, 2015

  • Fixed CPU load due
  • Fixed display of links on sc2tv
  • Fixed theme BTTV and
  • Added to Twitch, reverse ping that should add extra stability for Twitch
  • Fixed rate statistics - number of Chatter at Twitch
  • Removed the wrong character in their names to Twitch (not tested)

Version 2.1 September 9, 2015

  • Added support, Funstreams and Welovegames (for the future), all 3 in the test mode
  • Added support custom smiles (just thrown off the catalog image files with the same name as smiley). In some cases, if possible, replace smiley source (except Twitch).
  • Smiles Goodgame moved to a new api is not documented.
  • Removed from message from TwitchAlerts, which is misleading to the inaccessibility of the service.
  • Fixed bug where not saved label formats.
  • Added sections for the labels - day, week, month (records are maintained by the current date).
  • Now showing nickname Anonymous if the nickname was not avaible via donate.
  • Format all posts about subscriptions, followers and donate messages.
  • Fixed Twitter.
  • Added sections in the log of alerts: all, day, week and month.
  • Reworked notification is no longer required OGG files. But Xsplite need to make additional adjustments. All information here

Version 2.0 August 6, 2015

  • Fully structured and redesigned interface settings
  • Added Labels, which allow you to display additional information on the stream, such as a top donater last subscriber and other.
  • Reworked and combed all themes. More than 15 theme to be replaced or fixed fonts. Removed unneeded files and scripts.
  • Added 2 new source for donate (accept PayPal) и (I accept a large list of payment systems, the cards, electronic money, to the mobile payments)
  • Fixed minor errors in the alerts
  • Localization program I would be grateful if the chat will recommend to foreigners streamers.
  • Added 2 new themes: default-by-ywnklme-fade-in (вариация самой простой темы) и xcom-from-the-deep (analogue xcom, but according to the colors xcom 2)
  • Program now maintains a database of alerts caught, the base used labels. But the same can be edited. So far, only there are no editors. Only the handles.