“Stream Story” is an economic stream simulator. You can choose among several characters with different streaming skills, charisma and character types. Your main goal is to reach the largest possible amount of viewers and get as much popularity as you can.
In order to achieve this goal you will have to use various tools such as modern and powerful streaming equipment, various stream design templates, video games and many others. The right choice will affect the number of viewers and help you in achieving your main goal. But don’t forget about the fun part as well, why not wear a funny costume and have some fun with your viewers!
There is a number of events that may occur during your stream which may affect both the quality of your stream and your viewer’s mood. Get prepared for the unexpected computer crushes, internet problems and other accidents.
Searching for sponsorship, constant communication with your community in social networks, custom challenges and subgoals will help you in achieving best streaming results. Don’t forget about this part!
By the in-game chat you will be able to monitor viewer’s reaction whether they like your stream or not. If you are rocking hard then you will see new subscriptions, familiar faces and other unique events.
By a proper use of all the tools you will be able to get the love and support from your viewers. And who knows, maybe one day you will become a streaming star!